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A fine Oregon Sunstone from Oregon, USA. This crystal is lighter and more powerful than ordinary sunstone, and is associated with the subtle bodies.

Mineral Species - Plagioclase Feldspar Series
Crystal System - Triclinic
Birthstone - Aries and Leo
Chakra Alignment - Solar Plexus and Navel

Crystal Attributes:

  • Mood lifting and anti-depressant
  • Eases sadness from the past
  • Raises self-worth
  • Helps us let go of feelings of failure
  • Creates 'fan' of golden light from Solar Plexus up through body

This crystal comes with a handy reference card describing all key mineral properties and crystal healing attributes. For more information visit our Sunstone Information Page.

Learn more about Crystal Healing.

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Birth Signs:
Aries March 21st - April 20th
Leo July 21st - August 21st
Navel (Swadisthana or Second Chakra)
Solar Plexus (Manipura, Third Chakra)
Stone Types: