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An interesting combination of rare Sapphirine with white calcite and phlogopite Mica from Madagascar.  Relatively unknown to crystal healing, this Sapphirine & Mica Healing Crystal provokes a wide range of effects and reactions amongst crystal healers and therapists.

Sapphirine typically brings a deep peace, stillness and serenity, with a sense of womb-like safety. Some feel it to be gently cleansing, while aligning the physical body, and the spine in particular.  As it occurs in a matrix of white calcite, which is cleansing, and phlogopite mica, which is insulating, it may be that the matrix also holds some of these properties.

Specimen Rating : Intermediate Crystal Healer Specimen

Mineral Species - Sapphirine
Crystal System - Monoclinic
Birthstone - None
Chakra Alignment - Throat

Further information available on our Sapphirine Information Page.

Product Code:
Throat (Vishuddha or Fifth Chakra)
Stone Types:
Mica Sapphirine