Silver Quartz Point ~12.5 x 5.5cm

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This stunning Silver Quartz Point is a fantastically clear prismatic crystal which disperses light into beautiful rainbows, almost like lead glass crystal.

Silver quartz is energy friendly and joyful, so it will be happy to work with you even if you are not an exact match. Use silver quartz in meditation, especially if you wish to connect with your higher self, your guides, or the higher realms. This is particularly important at the present time, as it aids us in raising our own vibration to meet the new energies coming in.

Unusual and beautifully formed, these Silver Quartz Points are rare specimens that are perfect for crystal healing or meditation work.


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Birth Signs:
Virgo August 22nd - September 22nd
Crown (Sahasrara or Seventh Chakra)
Root (Muladhar or Base Chakra)
Stone Types:
Quartz - Silver Quartz