Alternative Names: Angel Hair Quartz, Venus Hair Stone

Mineral Information

Origin: Notably Brazil 

Chemical Formula: SiO2 + TiO2

Colour: Colourless with red, gold, silver or grey needle inclusions of Rutile.

Typical Appearance:  Rutilated quartz is usually clear or smoky quartz, or rarely citrine, with hair or needle-like inclusions of Rutile, an ore of Titanium.  These inclusions usually form as fine strands or fibres of metallic gold, silver, red or brown. Gold is the most common, and its fine, flowing strands give rise to the alternative names Angel Hair Quartz and Venus Hair Stone. Rutile also occurs microscopically in rose quartz, its alignment refracting light to form an asterism or six-pointed star, which is sometimes referred to as 'star stone' or 'fairy star'. Rutilated quartz can be stunningly beautiful and is popular for use in jewellery and as polished points for decor and display.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: Virgo

Chakra Alignment: Depends on both the colour of the quartz and the colour of the rutile

Element: None  

Additional Information

Rutilated quartz will possess the quality of the variety of quartz, whether clear, smoky or citrine, combined with the qualities of rutile. If the quartz is smoky, it will calm and ground, while citrine further lifts the spirits, and clear quartz brings clarity and amplifies the properties of any other mineral it occurs with.

Titanium (rutile) is very light, extremely strong, does not react with the human body and is very resistant to corrosion. Its tensile strength bestows the user with a sense of power, strength and authority, while it removes all heaviness, allowing for a light approach as well as lightness of heart.

Rutilated quartz, especially with gold rutile, is a superb antidepressant. It allows the wearer to feel in control of their lives (feeling out of control is a common issue in depression), and reclaim their power. The gold colour of the rutile aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra, further enhancing the uplifting nature of the stone.

In addition, rutilated quartz, whatever the colour, is one of the foremost minerals for combatting electromagnetic stress, possibly due to the non-magnetic property of titanium.

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