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A Black Kyanite crystal group from Brazil. The fan-shape creates a powerful directional energy, and can be used in different directions for different effects.

Mineral Species - Kyanite
Crystal System - Triclinic
Birthstone - Taurus, Libra and Aries
Chakra Alignment - Root (Base) and Crown

Crystal Attributes:

  • Exhibits a cool, unforced energy that encourages calm, rational thought.
  • An attunement stone, useful in contacting one’s spirit guides, angels or higher power.
  • Aids a quick transition between states of consciousness.
  • Can be used to remove unwanted energies, cut bonds, release attached entities, or perform psychic surgery.
  • Can be used to alleviate pain from fibromialgia or other muscle injuries and diseases. Also helps heal connective tissue.

This crystal comes with a handy reference card describing all key mineral properties and crystal healing attributes. For more information visit our Kyanite Stone Type page.

Learn more about Crystal Healing.

Product Code:
Height: 4.0cm (1.6")
Width: 2.5cm (1.0")
Birth Signs:
Aries March 21st - April 20th
Libra September 23rd - October 22nd
Taurus April 21st - May 20th
Crown (Sahasrara or Seventh Chakra)
Root (Muladhar or Base Chakra)
Stone Types: