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A pretty specimen of Uvarovite from the Saranovskii Mine, Middle Urals, Russia. This example has been selected for the lustrous druze of gemmy deep green crystals.

Specimen Rating : Intermediate Crystal Healer Specimen

Uvarovite is balancing and detoxifying, and stimulates and supports the immune and lymphatic systems. It allows us to recognise the root of illness, and brings release, both emotionally and physically.

Mineral Species - Uvarovite
Crystal System - Isometric
Birthstone - No known astrological sign
Chakra Alignment - Heart and Upper Heart

Crystal Attributes:

  • Calming and cheering. As with most green minerals, it is balancing and detoxifying.
  • Stimulates and supports the immune and lymphatic systems.
  • Stabilises, and creates a connection between the Heart and Upper Heart Chakras.
  • Helps us to move on from difficult situations or feeling 'stuck'. Physically, supports the elimination of toxins, or both, with one leading to the other.
  • brings clarity of thought and thought process, while instilling perseverance
  • Has the ability to gather and bring together all the threads, helping us make sense of the whole.

Further information available on our Garnet - Uvarovite Information Page.

Product Code:
Heart (Anahata or Fourth Chakra)
Stone Types:
Garnet - Uvarovite