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The Electromagnetic Protection Crystal Healing Pack includes a tourmaline healing crystal, along with a shungite, amazonite, hematite and green aventurine tumblestone. These have been specifically chosen for their unique and powerful energy linked with protection against Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) and negative energy. Each pack will also contain an elegant reference card detailing key healing information.

Tourmaline - Is a powerful protection and purification stone. It creates a protective sheild to block out EMF

Shungite - Is capable of clearing the energy of an entire room, it also offers a level of protection against outside forces such as EMF exposure

Green Aventurine - Absorbs environmental pollution. Also the included mica within it has a dampening effect on electromagnetic radiation

Amazonite - Dispels negative energy and absorbs EMF pollution

Hematite - A great detoxifying and protection stone

Our crystal healing collection makes an ideal gift for a loved one, or simply treating yourself!

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