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The Grief & Loss Crystal Healing Pack includes an amethyst crystal, along with a moonstone, rose quartz, howlite and quartz tumblestone. These have been specifically chosen for their unique and powerful energy linked with easing the pain of bereavement. Each pack will also contain an elegant reference card detailing key healing information.

Moonstone - An incredibly calming and grounding stone that can help you through all stages of grief

Amethyst - Absorbs negative energy and alliviates sadness. It has a soothing sedative like energy that keeps you calm as you adjust to the loss you have experienced

Rose Quartz - A true healer of a broken heart, rose quartz is known as the 'love stone'. It's gentle but powerful energy helps you focus on letting go of your pain and focusing on the love in your life

Howlite - Helps calm the mind and bring you inner peace. This can promote a restful nights sleep that is often difficult when grieving

Quartz - Cleanses the mind, body and spirit of negative energy. It also enhances and strengthens the effect of other crystals.

Our crystal healing collection makes an ideal gift for a loved one, or simply treating yourself!

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